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The Palestine Papers: 1,600+ documents leaked

The leaked papers are available on Al Jazeera and The Guardian.

Karma Nabulsi in the Guardian:

"It's over. Given the shocking nature, extent and detail of these ghastly revelations from behind the closed doors of the Middle East peace process, the seemingly endless and ugly game is now, finally, over. Not one of the villains on the Palestinian side can survive it. With any luck the sheer horror of this account of how the US and Britain covertly facilitated and even implemented Israeli military expansion – while creating an oligarchy to manage it – might overcome the entrenched interests and venality that have kept the peace process going. A small group of men who have polluted the Palestinian public sphere with their private activities are now exposed."

What are the Palestine Papers?

The Palestine Papers are the largest leak of confidential files in the history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, a cache of more than 1,600 documents encompassing the most recent decade of negotiations between the Israeli government and the Palestinian Authority.  They are an unprecedented window into Israeli, PA, US, European, and Arab relations and reveal a wealth of information about how the parties negotiate behind closed doors.

Taken in total, the Palestine Papers instigate a broader conversation on such issues as whether a two state endgame is achievable and desirable and whether international and US-led processes to reach that goal have only deepened Israeli occupation.

There are 1,684 total documents, including

  • 275 sets of meeting minutes;
  • 690 internal e-mails;
  • 153 reports and studies;
  • 134 sets of talking points and prep notes for meetings;
  • 64 draft agreements;
  • 54 maps, charts and graphs;
  • and 51 “non-papers.”
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Campus Organizing Conference and Advocacy Training

Members of the PSC are excited to be participating in the Campus Organizing Conference in early March in Washington D.C. It is organized by the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) and sponsored by Interfaith Peace-Builders and the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation. See the message below from AFSC:

Dear friends,

AFSC is organizing and participating in some very exciting initiatives in DC from March 5-7.  We invite you to register and join us in helping to grow and strengthen the Israel-Palestine peace and justice movement.

Please register today to join us in DC for these events from March 5-7, 2011.

FOR STUDENTS!  Join AFSC for the March 5th Campus Organizing Conference in DC.  The workshops, interactive presentations and panel discussions will increase your understanding of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and help you take on a leadership role within the Israel-Palestine peace and justice movement on your campus.

AND FOR EVERYONE!  If you are interested in advocacy training and lobbying on the Hill, stay on in DC a few more days for the Interfaith Peace Builders and US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation’s Grassroots Training and Lobby Days, March 6-7.

Space is limited! Reserve your spot today!

Please forward and invite your friends to register today!  If you have any questions or for more information, please contact Miryam Rashid at 312-427-2533 x 18 or email mrashid@afsc.org.

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