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Harvard Students Stage “Die-in” in Solidarity with Gaza

On Tuesday, November 20, Harvard students affiliated with the Harvard College Palestine Solidarity Committee participated in a die-in in the plaza immediately west of Annenberg Memorial Hall on the Harvard University campus Tuesday beginning at 11:45 AM. The die-in lasted 30 minutes, during which the names of the 110 Palestinians killed since last Wednesday by the ongoing Israeli assault on the Gaza Strip were read aloud.

Through this action, the Harvard College Palestine Solidarity Committee hoped to raise awareness on campus about the current Israeli attack on the Palestinian people and to spread solidarity with the embattled people of the Gaza Strip. The Gaza Strip has been under a crippling Israeli economic and political blockade since 2007, and last Wednesday Israel launched an unprovoked assault that has killed at least 110 (including three generations of one family) and injured at least 900 Palestinians.

The Harvard student die-in in solidarity with the people of the Gaza Strip comes amidst a wider mobilization in solidarity with the Palestinian people occurring across the Greater Boston area. Since last Wednesday, protests and a die-in have been held in Copley Square and Boston Common, while Boston University Students for Justice in Palestine staged a die-in at Marsh Plaza of Boston University Monday at noon. The mobilization is a part of a spontaneous worldwide movement in solidarity with the Palestinian people that has thus far seen protests in over 300 cities worldwide.

Since last Wednesday, Israel has launched an unprovoked, relentless bombardment of the Gaza Strip that has killed more than a hundred and injured many more. The Gaza Strip’s 1.7 million people live within 141 square miles (about the size of Greater Boston), and due to the siege of Gaza imposed by Israel they are restricted from fleeing Israeli bombs. Israeli members of Parliament have recently called for Gaza to be “erased” and turned into a “graveyard,” a fact which makes our die-in today all the more urgent.


Additional information can also be found in the article published by The Crimson, "Students Protest Violence in the Gaza Strip", and more pictures can be seen on the Facebook page of the Palestine Solidarity Committee.


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Photos from November events

We would like to share the photos of our recent events in November. Thank you to those who were able to make it to come learn and express solidarity with the Palestinian struggle, and to those who couldn't we say: we look forward to seeing you at our events in the future!

November 15, 2012: Jewish Voices Against the Israeli Occupation

November 12, 2012: Heroes of the Non-Violent Popular Palestinian Resistance: with Iyad Burnat from Bil'in

November 2, 2012: Second Annual Tree of Life Conference: The Palestinian Right to Education


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Heroes of the Non-Violent Popular Palestinian Resistance: with Iyad Burnat from Bil’in

Heroes of the Non-Violent Popular Palestinian Resistance: with Iyad Burnat from Bil'in
When: Monday, November 12
Time: 7pm
Where: Emerson 305

Iyad Burnat is head of the Bil’in Popular Committee and a leader in the West Bank village’s non-violent popular resistance movement.   Since 2005 citizens of Bil’in have held weekly demonstrations against the building of the Israeli separation wall through the community’s agricultural lands, and the steady encroachment of illegal settlements. 

The demonstrators are joined by Israeli and international peace activists, and have maintained a commitment to non-violent methods of resistance in spite of armed, military opposition by the IDF which has resulted in many injuries and some deaths.

During his 2012-2013 American tour, Iyad will tell the stories of Bil’in and life in the occupied West Bank, and talk about strategies for non-violent popular resistance with a goal of peace and prosperity for all people.

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Jewish Voices Against the Israeli Occupation

The Progressive Jewish Alliance and the Harvard College Palestine Solidarity Committee

are proud to present

Jewish Voices Against the Israeli Occupation”

When: Thursday, November 15

Time: 7:30 PM

Where: Emerson Hall 305

This event brings together two speakers, Jewish Israeli **Noam Lekach** and Jewish American **Jeff Stein**, to speak about the forms of peace activism work they have been engaged in across the Holy Land in the hopes of achieving a more just and more peaceful status quo for Jews and Palestinians. The speakers will reflect critically on the role their Jewish identities and upbringings have played in their activism and how it has informed their understanding of what a “just peace” looks like and how we get there.

They will also be discussing Birthright Israel and the ways Jewish Americans going on this trip can see more than just the mainstream Israeli perspective, as well as practical ways to extend your ticket and get involved in various kinds of peace activism work to get a sense of on-the-ground realities rarely discussed on the trips.

Birthright Israel? Visit Palestine, too.
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