The Harvard College Palestine Solidarity Committee, founded in 2002, is dedicated to supporting the Palestinian struggle for self-determination and equality. The PSC is non-sectarian and believes that true peace will be reached only when self-determination and equality are guaranteed to Palestinians. This can only occur if:

1. Israel ends its occupation of the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem, and dismantles the Wall;

2. Equality is given to Palestinian citizens of Israel, who suffer from discrimination within Israeli society and the Israeli legal system; and

3. Palestinian refugees are given the right to return to their homes, a right they are denied simply because they are not Jewish.

The PSC does not prescribe a solution to the struggle; rather, we believe in supporting and amplifying the voices of those working against injustice. Just as the PSC abhors discrimination against Palestinians, we condemn any hatred or discrimination against any racial, ethnic, or religious group. In accordance with these beliefs, we encourage people of all backgrounds to join the Palestinian struggle and show their solidarity with the Palestinian people.