APRIL 18, 6:00 PM
Harvard University Law School, Austin West

Dr. Mads Gilbert is a Norwegian doctor and specialist in anesthesiology. He is the co-author, with his colleague Erik Fosse, of Eyes in Gaza, a harrowing account of their experiences in al-Shifa Hospital during Israel’s deadly assault on Gaza in December 2008-January 2009.

For a time, they were not just the only western doctors in Gaza, but among the handful of western witnesses to Operation Cast Lead. Dr. Gilbert’s testimonies were broadcast worldwide on ABC, BBC, CBS, CNN and more.

In addition to his research and practice at Tromso University Hospital in Norway, Dr. Gilbert co-founded NORWAC, a Norwegian-Palestinian aid organization. He worked in an underground Palestinian refugee camp hospital in Beirut during the 1982 Israeli invasion and bombardment of Lebanon.

Dr. Gilbert recently returned from Gaza and will give updates on the current situation.

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