The PSC would like to thank all of the students, faculty and community members who participated in Israel Apartheid Week this year. We are very pleased with the discussion it generated and proud of the turnout at our two events. We are grateful to Professor Chomsky for joining us, despite the snow. We hope that the screening of Oscar-nominated “Five Broken Cameras” have students a glimpse into the reality of life in Palestine.

We are aware that fake eviction notices (read the facts) that we used to advertise Israel Apartheid Week, distributed to a large proportion of the campus, generated a heated controversy among a small group of students, a controversy fueled by outside special interest groups. It was clear to us ahead of time that the small number of students with a strong allegiance to Israel would not take well to this criticism. The PSC, however, focuses its educational efforts on the vast majority of the student body that is willing to engage in real conversations on the Palestinian struggle for equality. We know first-hand that the unique tactic of using harmless eviction notices encouraged many students to ask important questions about the situation in Israel-Palestine. We encourage student groups across the country to continue using this approach both as an educational and advertising tool.

The PSC welcomes anyone who would like to join our efforts to amplify Palestinian voices and fight the good fight for equal rights. Please email to learn how you can get involved in the PSC.

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