The Progressive Jewish Alliance and the Harvard College Palestine Solidarity Committee

are proud to present

Jewish Voices Against the Israeli Occupation”

When: Thursday, November 15

Time: 7:30 PM

Where: Emerson Hall 305

This event brings together two speakers, Jewish Israeli **Noam Lekach** and Jewish American **Jeff Stein**, to speak about the forms of peace activism work they have been engaged in across the Holy Land in the hopes of achieving a more just and more peaceful status quo for Jews and Palestinians. The speakers will reflect critically on the role their Jewish identities and upbringings have played in their activism and how it has informed their understanding of what a “just peace” looks like and how we get there.

They will also be discussing Birthright Israel and the ways Jewish Americans going on this trip can see more than just the mainstream Israeli perspective, as well as practical ways to extend your ticket and get involved in various kinds of peace activism work to get a sense of on-the-ground realities rarely discussed on the trips.

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