At the Herzliya Conference in Israel in February, Martin Kramer, a Visiting Scholar at the National Security Studies Program at the Weatherhead Center for International Affairs, encouraged Israeli leaders to take measures to diminish Palestinian birth rates as a means of population control, suggesting that the siege on Gaza helps “break Gaza’s runaway population growth.” This statement, which would have drawn immediate condemnation and dismissal from Harvard had it been made against any other group, was instead defended as acceptable free speech by the Weatherhead Center’s directors.

The PSC was one of 19 groups to sign a letter asking for Kramer’s fellowship to not be renewed and for the Weatherhead Center “to establish a committee of faculty and students to recommend the adoption of a set of vetting practices for incoming fellows that uphold a set of principles unified on non-racism, in concert with Harvard University’s own commitment to non-discriminatory practices and diversity of viewpoints.”

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